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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So when does the unselfishness kick in?

So. I just had the best weekend ever. My mom and I went to Vancouver and she totally spoiled me and I got my hair cut and coloured at the Holt Renfrew salon and we went to a fabulous Christmas party and I bought three cute things (1 adorable yellow-mustard tunic; 1 purple and black dress that I got for a steal - $16.99!!! - and a great set of bangles). I also bought the world's most gorgeous Coach purse. I know. But it was too beautiful not to get and the most amazing thing (besides it being 25% off) was that it doesn't look anything like a Coach purse (which I mostly dislike and think look fugly).
I also managed to purchase ZERO baby stuff. And that's where I'm starting to get worried. I am halfway through this pregnancy and I have done NOTHING. Not a thing. I haven't bought anything, I haven't planned anything, we still haven't given any thought to a name muchless a nursery theme. And I should be starting to get panicky but I'm not. Instead, I'm all "Meh, what else can I buy myself?" I have a few onesies that have been given to me. Oh, and I bought a blue bib last time I was in Victoria that had a white Lucy dog on the front (problem is I think it's probably more appropriate for a girl than a boy).
So what to do? Seriously, I how do you start planning a nursery? Where do you even begin? And holy shit what about a freakin' crib. It's terrifying. Adders and I are going to Calgary next week to celebrate New Year's with Tamara Lee and the Mike and Adders was all, "Well, you better be prepared to buy a crib." Ummm, I'm not even prepared to buy a bottle at this point. I have no idea what I'm looking for, what I want. It's too overwhelming. How do people do this? And what's happened to my anal, overly-prepared, highly-organized, permanent-nester self? Scary. I think the unselfishness that apparently is required of motherhood needs to start kicking.
But back to my purse! It was the greatest Christmas present to myself. And yes, I realize that it is impractical and I should be saving my pennies for formula and booties. But hey, maybe it's big enough to use as a diaper bag?


  • At 10:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ahhh, shopping with Rox--now that is a great weekend.

    Speaking of baby names (oh, we weren't speaking of baby names? well now we are) how about Char-ly?


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