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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Does That Make Me Your Vein?

I'm Back! Again! With the following to update:

House - going awesome. Looking gorgeous. Sometimes when Adders is being a boy (i.e. annoying and insensitive) I think I would prefer to marry the house rather than him. But this would be difficult considering the house is an inanimate object and that sort of marriage isn't legal in BC. Yet. Someday, House, we'll be legit. I promise.

Wedding - meh. I have good days and bad days about it. Sometimes I think that the wedding will be as fantastic as I truly hope it will be. That the food and weather and dresses and speeches and decorations will all come together. And that Charkins will remember to put cans on the bridal vehicle. But other days I just know it's going to rain and that poor Papa will get food poisoning from the disgusting prime rib. Oh, and that instead of being coherent and articulate, Charkins will just snot and bawl her way through her speech, forcing Adders and I to take refuge under the head table lest we get soaked.

Work - awesome. It truly is. There are days when I want to tell anyone who walks through the office door to seriously fuck off. Seriously, stop living off the system and FUCK OFF. But most days I really enjoy what I do. I get to wear my pretty outfits and go to luncheons and act all important while I type away on my Blackberry. What's not to like?

Family - all in all, things are going amazing. On both sides. However, we're all playing together at the cabin for the upcoming long weekend. That's 3 days with my family and Adders, all trapped together inside. Let's hope everyone (including me) has been taking their meds.

Adders & Me - 35% of the time I have an eye infection in my right eye. I don't know why. Perhaps I was genetically pre-disposed this way? But all I know is that I suffer from what Charkins and I have affectionately dubbed "Leaky Eye." It waters, it throbs, it gets bloodshot and finally refuses to open. Pretty nasty. And when I have one of my frequent infections, it makes me want to claw this very eyeball out of its warm little eye cavity. For the rest of the 65% of the time that I don't have an eye infection, Adders can make me want to do the same thing. However, I have to admit that this soon-to-be-hubby-of-mine is pretty darn cute. In fact, just the other day he reinforced this with the following pronouncement:

Adders: So do you realize I'm your needle?
Miss Courty: ... ? Huh????
Adders: Yep, that's me. Your special needle!
Miss Courty: What the fuck? Are you high? Have YOU been using a needle?
Adders: No, no - I'm the needle you found in the haystack.
Miss Courty: [feels Adders' temperature]
Adders: No, seriously! There aren't many men like me out there. You should feel lucky. I'm like the shiny precious needle you found in the haystack of loser men. I put up with you. I love you. And I'm good for you. I'm a very rare needle that somehow you were able to find.
Miss Courty: Adders? You're so pretty.

Dammit - he's got me there. 'Cause afterall I am pretty lucky
[she writes as she gazes down at her engagement ring and beams!].


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